"The easiest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket” Frank McKinney Hubbard

Gimbal’s roots extend to a diverse set of businesses, including commercial banking, beef processing, portable rechargeable battery manufacturing and family office management. Commercial banking and beef processing are commodity based businesses characterized by thin profit margins, high volume and extreme financial and operating leverage. Mistakes are costly and disciplined management is a necessity! Rechargeable battery technology is very complex and the manufacturing process must be well defined and measured to build a consistently high performing product. Family office management requires development of a comprehensive plan encompassing the financial, philanthropic and legacy objectives of the family and coordinating your efforts with the efforts of other professionals to successfully execute the plan.

Our founder’s work with leading money managers, investment consultants and various broker dealers led McAdams to recognize the need for professional, independent, fee based investment management for a generation of mid to upper income households planning for retirement. During the 90’s technology advances improved the availability of systems required to conduct this business. Combining these systems with an academic background in finance and broad experience managing risk McAdams developed the investment process used to manage portfolios for Gimbal Capital Management clients. The process requires a significant commitment to research and analysis to identify suitable stock and bond investments; combined with a very disciplined approach to portfolio management. After the tech bubble burst in 1999 it was immediately apparent that investors, reeling from losses, were interested in an investment strategy that would produce consistent long term results with limited downside risk. This resulted in development of our balanced Income strategy.

Over the years our balanced Income and Core Equity Strategies have won several quarterly “Top Gun” awards. And our ability to minimize the impact of bear markets in 2001, 2002 and 2008 resulted in “Top Gun of the Decade” awards for the ten year periods ended December 2011 and December 2012 for our Income strategy, which has become the centerpiece of our investment management business.

In addition to traditional stock and bond investments we perform due diligence and facilitate the acquisition, and disposition of various alternative investments, including real estate, commodities and equipment leasing activities