Services & Client Profile

Our clients and our staff are our most important assets. And it is no accident that our client’s thoughts, when it comes to building and preserving wealth, are generally consistent with our own.

Wealth accumulation for most of us starts with a well-defined plan that takes into consideration saving and spending habits in addition to a disciplined, well-balanced investment strategy.

Many of our clients have complex balance sheets and estate plans that require working in collaboration with other professionals on our client’s team of advisors. For many of our clients we are the “lead advisor” in their team of professionals that includes estate planning counsel, insurance providers and CPA’s. In this capacity our objective is to facilitate a cohesive and cost efficient effort to meet our client’s objectives.

Gimbal Capital Management also works in conjunction with other investment advisors that are interested in offering their clients an actively managed investment strategy comprised of individual stocks and bonds in conjunction with – or as an alternative to – indexing and other passive investment strategies. In this role Gimbal works “behind the scenes” as a sub-advisor while the lead advisor maintains the client relationship. We sub-advise for 401k plan providers in addition to advisors guiding clients with IRA and non-retirement accounts.